Kainuu Ski O Week

Skiorienteering competition in Puolanka in December 2023

Kainuu Ski O Week -skiorienteering week at Puolanka 11.-17.12.2023.

Bulletin 3/ Event instructions

Event Director: Martti Köngäs

Course setter: Teemu Köngäs

Event adviser: Taisto Kemppainen, VaKa

WRE Event adviser: Santeri Aikio, KEV

Event Info/Event contact: Maaret Märsynaho, skiorient.fi(at)gmail.com

Results: Joni Korhonen, korhonen.joni(at)outlook.com

Jury chair Ilpo Viippola(Suunta 2000), members: Seppo Keltamäki (JoKu), Pirjo Karvonen (IisVi)

Number bibs: H21 1-50, D21 51-99, H/D11-80 101-250, number bibs to be fetched from the info. For H/D21 will have also name bib. Use your own safety bins. Number bib will be attached to your left leg and for H/D21 name bib to you right leg. For the event five H/D21 will have new number bib according to competititon ranking.

Rental EmiTags can be fetched from info, price 10€. Unreturned or lost EmiTag cards will charged at 100€ each.

Each participant is resposible that used Emitag is working and that is using the Emitag which is visible in the start list. Emitag voltage can be checked at info and in case not high enough you can rent a new one.


Events 1-3 distance to start is 300m. Way to start is via skiing tracks. See Info Map1.

Events 4 and 5 start is from stadion area. See Info Map2.

Start procedure:

3min before the start time you will be called to enter 3min start box.

2min before the start time clear your Emitag

1min before the start time you can go next to your own map box.

15sec. before the start time you are allowed to take the map.

H/D11-13 can take the map 1min before the start. Guardian is allowed to help the H/D11 participant.

In the first event when going to start, watch out for the participants coming to Finish!

Mass start at event 5 for H/D17-21 at stadion area. H17, H20, H21 start at 10.30am and D17, D20, D21 start at 10.40am. All of these classes will have map one map change is stadion area.

Other classes will start from 11.30am onwards.


Finish punching will be used. Do the punching at the control point in the Finish line, it will stop the time from running. After crossing the finish line, go to a readout station to read out your Emitag. 

Classes having mass start will get the ranking at the Finish line from the shoe toe. (Remember to make the final punching also). Map will be collected at the Finish until the start is closed. Used maps will be shared from the info.

Finish line judge in fifth event is Lasse Köngäs.

Finish will be closed at 2.30pm in every event.

You must report in Finish area, even if  you have not completed your course. If you do not notify the organizer, you will be considered “missing in the  forest” which may prompt a search in the forest for you.

Control setups:

Punching device and control flag are are attached to the wooden stand. Emitag will be blinking when placed near the punching device. Example of the control stand is available in the event center where you can also check that your Emitag is working.

Warm-up area:

There will be skiing routes for warm-up and testing the skis. See info maps.

Forbidden areas see Info maps. 

Prizes, amounts for each class and time for prize giving

Events 1.-3: H/D21 class winner prize giving immediately after results are known at the event center.

Other classes, lottery prizes can be fetched from the info after the start has been closed.

Fourth event: Prize giving ceremony at 5pm at the school center. Address Koulukatu 1, Puolanka. All classes except H/D21 will get the prize from the overall results for three best participants. H/D11 all participants will get the prize. H/D21 will get daily prize of the fourth event in the ceremony. Also the lottery prizes from the fourth event will be handled out in the ceremony.

Fifth event: H/D21 best participants will have the prize ceremony at the event center right after the results are know. Daily winners of other classes can get the prize from the info right after results are known.

Classes, map scales and length via the shortest track

                    11.12.        13.12.        14.12.            16.12          17.12

Scale          1:10 000   1:5000    1:10 000        1:7500         1:10 000

H21            11,7km      4,5km        11,5km           9,9km         18,4km                  

D21            8,9km         3,8km         8,6km           7,6km          14,9km

H40            8,9km         3,8km         8,6km          7,6km           12,0km        

H50            7,8km         3,6km         8,0km          7,5km           11,1km

H60            7,8km         3,6km         8,0km          7,5km           11,1km

H70            6,6km         3,4km         6,1km          6,8km           9,7km

H80            4,1km         2,5km         4,1km          4,3km           5,4km

D40            6,6km         3,4km         6,1km          6,8km           9,7km

D50            5,3km         3,0km         5,0km          5,7km           7,5km

D60            5,3km         3,0km         5,0km          5,7km           7,5km

D70            4,1km         2,5km         4,1km          4,3km           5,4km

D80            4,1km         2,5km         4,1km          4,3km           5,4km

H20            8,9km         3,8km         8,6km          7,6km          14,9km        

H17            7,8km         3,6km         8,0km          7,5km          12,1km

H15            6,6km         3,4km         6,1km          6,8km          9,7km

H13            4,1km         2,5km         4,1km          4,3km          5,4km

H11            2,8km         2,1km         2,7km          1,9km          2,4km

D20            6,6km         3,4km         6,1km          6,8km          9,7km

D17            5,3km         3,0km         5,0km          5,7km          8,8km

D15            5,3km         3,0km         5,0km          5,7km          7,5km

D13            4,1km         2,5km         4,1km          4,3km          5,4km

D11            2,8km         2,1km         2,7km          1,9km          2,4km

H21 class will have map turn on events 1 to 3.


Events 1-3: Total amount of tracks is 35km, very wide tracks 9km, wide tracks 2km, tracks 24km.

Events 4-5: Total amount of tracks is 35km, very wide tracks 15km, wide tracks 2km, tracks 18km.

Results: Online results in use. Link can be found from event webpage.

Event centers:

In both events there will be cafeteria/restaurant, toilets, event info desk and a warm space indoors. In event four and five there are also showers and place to prepare skis.

Fluor ban for WRE races: is.Using of fluor waxes is not allowed in the IOF Events(WRE races). Also Finnish Orienteering federation recommends not to use fluor waxes.

Open races:

There will be open race A/B (kuntosarja) for limited participants and time. Start will be 10min after all competition categories have left the start. Time is limited because we need get also all open race participants out of the woods before the dark home. Price will be 15€/adult, 10€/young-child for a day. (You need to pay rent also for Emitag if you don’t have own) Registrations at the info before the start.

First aid:

Events 1-3: First aid personel at the Finish. (Helena Kemppainen p. +358 44 9841624) and personel prepared to go to terrain with snowmobile to fetch injured people if needed.

Events 4-5: First aid personel at the Finish. (Tuula Karila p. +358 40 7493370) and personel prepared to go to terrain with snowmobile to fetch injured people if needed.

In emergency cases call 112. (Security plan can be seen in the webpages (only in Finnish)).



InfoMap1: (Events 1-3)

InfoMap2: (Events 4-5)

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