Kainuu Ski O Week

Skiorienteering competition in Puolanka in December 2023

Kainuu Ski O Week Bulletin

Bulletin updated 26.11.2023

International ski orienteering week in Kainuu, Puolanka at 11.- 17. December 2023. WRE on 13th and 14th of December.

H/D 11, 13, 15, 17, 20, 21, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80.

For international competitors via email. For Finnish competitors having IRMA account via IRMA.
When taking part in WRE you must have IOF-ID.

Registeration via email to skiorient.fi@gmail.com

Surname, Firstname, Class, Email, phone number, IOF-ID (in case of WRE), EmiTag ID, Whole week/Selected events 1-5
Entries are not valid until full payment is received.


Until 1st of December:
H/D21: 33 euros/day or 150 euros/week.
H/D20, H/D40-80: 30 euros/day or 130 euros/week.
H/D11-17: 15 euros/day or 75 euros/week.

Until 6th of December:
H/D21: 39,60 euros/day or 180 euros/week.
H/D20, H/D40-80: 36 euros/day or 156 euros/week.
H/D11-17: 18 euros/day or 90 euros/week.

IBAN: FI83 5366 0720 0715 51
Account owner: Paljakka Ski-O, c/o Martti Köngäs, Paltamontie 39A, 89200 Puolanka, Finland

Entries are not valid until full payment is received. Notice, EmiTag rent (10 euros/week) can be 
paid at the same transaction.


Events from one to three at Latvankylä. Address: Latvantie 55, 89140 Puolanka.

Mon 11th Dec, Middle distance. First start at 11.00 am.
Wed 13th Dec, Sprint, WRE. First start at 11.00 am.
Thu 14th Dec, Middle distance, WRE. First start at 11.00 am.

Events four and five at Puolanka, Honkavaara. Address: Honkatie 3, 89200 Puolanka.

Sat 16th Dec, Middle race. First start at 11.00 am.
Sun 17th Dec, Long distance race. H/D17 and H/D21 mass start, estimated winning time 60min. Other classes first start at 10.30 am.


Ski orienteering map will be finalized during December 2023. Format of all maps will be A4 
(210×297mm). Map scales 1:5000 – 1:10 000. Old maps are displayed in the event web pages.


Terrain in Latva is mostly old coniferous forest with highest point located 356m above the sea. Elevation at most 35m.


Terrain in Honkavaara includes both young and old forest and swamp areas. Highest point is 250m above the sea with elevation most at 70m. There are lots of cross-country skiing tracks in the area.


EmiTag will be used for punching in all classes/races. EmiTag number needs to be 
entered during registration. In case EmiTag number is missing from the registeration, a rental EmiTag will be reserved for the competitor. Rental price for EmiTag is 10 euros for the whole week (or single day). Unreturned or lost EmiTag cards will charged at 100 euros each. EmiTag rental must be paid to info desk at event center or before the event to the bank account.

Event centers:

In both events there will be cafeteria/restaurant, toilets, event info desk and a warm space 
indoors. In event four and five there are also showers and place to prepare skis.


No transportation is offered by the organizer. Own/rental car is recommended as no public transportation is available in Puolanka area.

Nearest Airports are in Kajaani and Oulu. There are frequent flights from Helsinki to both airports.

Also nearest train stations are in Kajaani and Oulu.

Kajaani is located ca. 70km from the first Event center(Latva) and ca. 100km from the second Event center(Honkavaara). Oulu is located ca. 160km from the first Event center(Latva) and ca. 130km from the second Event center(Honkavaara). 


Events 1-3: Parking distance is 0-1,5km from the event center.
Events 4-5: Parking distance 0-0,5km from the event center.


There is
training possibility with ski orienteering tracks in Kapustakangas(Paltamontie 30) near Puolanka center. Maps can be buyed from Paltamontie 39A at Fri 5-6pm, Sat 10-12, Sun 10-12. In case some other time is needed for fetching the maps you can try to call to Maaret or Martti(Finnish only).

Paljakka skicenter can be used for skiing/training for the whole week. (No ski orienteering tracks.)

Honkavaara and Latva are embargo areas outside the competition from 20th Nov 2023.


H/D 21: 1st 2500€, 2nd 1500€, 3rd 700€, 4th 300€. Best of each event will get 100€.

Open classes: Prizes for the overall competition after 4th event to 1st, 2nd and 3rd best.
After the fifth event only 1st will get prize.
There will be also lottery for all participants with valid result.
H/D11 all participants will get prize.

Overall competition will be scored with each event:
1st: 30p, 2nd: 25p, 3rd: 22p, 4th: 20p, 5th: 19p, 6th: 18p, 7th: 17p, 8th: 16p, 9th: 15p, etc.

Event Director: Martti Köngäs
Course setter: Teemu Köngäs
Event Adviser: Taisto Kemppainen, VaKa
WRE Event Adviser: Santeri Aikio, KEV
Event Info/Event Contact: Maaret Märsynaho, skiorient.fi(at)gmail.com
Results: Joni Korhonen, korhonen.joni@outlook.com

Maaret Märsynaho, skiorient.fi(at)gmail.com (in case you want to communicate in English) p. +358504872724
Martti Köngäs, martti.kongas(at)gmail.com (mostly in Finnish), p. +358505720152


More info: www.skiorient.fi

IOF Eventor – Event information: Kainuu Ski O Week, Sprint (orienteering.org)

Welcome to great skiorienteering meeting!
Paljakka Ski-O. 

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